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Large Personalised Stickers


Nothing says ‘You’re a star!’ like an Alphabugs sticker and what better way to say it than with your very own Personlised Stickers! Our new larger Personalised Stickers make for an extra special reward that your students can work extra hard for! With a combination of over 30,000 different font, colour and graphic combinations you can design a set of stickers that are uniquely yours!

Please note that we are unable to display your text on the sample view. Even though the sample image still says Mrs Reed says: “Have a cool birthday!”, we will use the text and font that you select.

Size: 5cm

Qty: 27

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Alphabug, Babybug, Beach Bug, Bouncybug, Chubbybug, Crawleybug, Crazybug, Fancybug, Funkybug, Huggybug, Jitterbug, Jumpybug, Ladybug, Scribblybug, Sillybug, Smileybug