1. How Do I Order your products?

You can order all of our products via our website or email. Due to the nature of what we do, and spelling mistakes that may arise, we cannot take orders via telephone. However you are welcome to call us with any questions and we will assist you in placing your order. Always remember that we love designing and creating new products as much as we love happy customers so please don’t hesitate to ask – we are always happy to help!

2. How Do I Cancel an Order?

You may cancel your order at any time before payment is made. Once payment has been received we are unable to cancel orders that contain any personalised items. 

3. What is Your Returns Policy for Customised Products?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept any returns for Customised Products unless there has been a printing or spelling error on our part. Please make sure that you double check your spelling before submitting your order.

4. What is Your Returns Policy for Non-Customised Products?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please contact us within 14 working days and we will arrange a replacement or a refund. If an item is not damaged or faulty we would require it to be returned unopened and in its original packaging before finalising a refund. The cost of return of such items will be for the customers expense.

5. How can I pay for my order?

You can pay via Credit Card or EFT.
Due to the fact that we can be charged as much as 30% in transaction fees we do not accept payment via Direct Deposit into our bank account. 

6. Will I receive an email to advise that my order has been dispatched?

Alphabugs will keep you informed every step of the way. You will receive an email when we receive your order, another one when we start work on your order and yet another one with a Tracking Number once we have dispatched your order.

7. Can I have a custom logo or photo printed on labels?

Yes you can! We can print School Crests, Company Logos and any other image you require onto a variety of media. We are always here to help. If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website please don’t hesitate to ask.

8. What is the Alphabugs Ambassador Programme?

At Alphabugs we understand that budgets are shrinking and that teachers are finding it increasingly difficult to buy all the extra  items they would love to have in their classrooms! The Alphabugs Ambassador Programme allows schools to register with us and earn Alphabucks every time the school or a parent uses their Ambassador code. Alphabucks balances can be viewed online and used to purchase extra goodies throughout the year! It’s a win-win situation – we cut back on marketing & sales costs and schools are rewarded in return. Each school (or phase of a school) is assigned their own unique code and whenever that code is allocated to an order on our website the school is credited Alphabucks according to the sub-total amount of the sale.

9. I love the fonts you use - where can I get them?

The majority of the fonts we are licensed to use can be sourced for non-commercial use via a variety of websites. Kimberley Geswein Fonts ( is one of our favourite font designers!
KG Miss Kindergarten = Scribblybug
KG Lego House = Ladybug
KG Red Hands = Alphabug
Janda Scrapgirl Dots = Beach Bug
Century Gothic = Chubbybug
KG Corner of the sky = Bouncybug
Follow you into = Huggybug
KG Primary Whimsy = Jitterbug
KG Somebody that = Sillybug
Next to Me Solid = Crawleybug
KG This is not goodbye = Funkybug
Mural Script = Fancybug
KG Adipose Unicase = Crazybug 
Sassoon Infant Rg = Babybug
Janda Quirkygirl = Smileybug
Teen Light = Jumpybug 


10. Iron On Instructions


1. Set your iron to the COTTON setting. NO STEAM! 

2. Make sure your clothing can handle the temperature.

3. Apply labels to clean, thoroughly DRY clothing only.

4. Remove a name label from the backing paper and place face-up on the garment in the desired position. Do not iron labels onto elasticated waistbands – make sure the label is ironed onto a flat, smooth area.

5. Remove the white backing from the Reusable Application Sheet. (Do not throw the backing away – when you are finished re-attach it to the Application Sheet and keep for future use.)

6. Place the Clear Application Sheet sticky side down over the name label.

7. FIRMLY press the heated iron onto the Application Sheet  for 10 – 15 seconds. Labels adhere quickly but need a full 10 seconds to set.

8. Allow the label to cool enough to touch. Remove the application sheet and try to peel the label off with your fingernail. If you can peel it off, your iron is not hot enough. Turn the Iron up and re-apply it with more pressure for 10-15 seconds.