The Alphabugs story begins with a young girl who loved children, fun and education just as much as she loved the idea of fun education for all children!

With a background in teaching and childcare, my experience and expertise drove my passion to create a brand that would be loved equally by children, parents and teachers alike.
A brand that would be as appealing as it was practical. A brand that would help teachers and parents to solve challenges practically whilst promoting a sense of self-worth and accomplishment in the children they cared for.

Jitterbugs was born in January of 2009. It started off as a one-woman-show in my garage; launched its first website in August of 2009 and over the next 5 years grew into a popular brand that quickly became loved and trusted by South Africa.

In 2015 I launched the House of Jitterbugs website as a design house for the Jitterbugs brand. I gave printing rights to a licensed Jitterbugs printer who took over the everyday running of the printing side of the business for a three year period.
At the end of that time I was so excited to launch all of my new products and designs that I decided to give the entire company a facelift! 

We’re bigger, we’re better and we’re back!  

Welcome to the new Alphabugs!

Not only do we still offer many of the fabulous products that we always have, we have also introduced a number of new product ranges that we are very excited about! In addition to Kids Labels, Reward Stickers, Home & Gift Labels, Reward Charts and Educational Magnets we now offer a full range of Learning Aids, Certificates, Playmats, Placemats, Playdough Mats, Books and much, much more!
The brand new collection of innovative products found in our range of new Play Mats and AlphaBooks are practical, attractive to children, educational, waterproof and easy to clean and store. When it comes to keeping up with the times and staying ahead of the game you can rely on Alphabugs to continue to introduce fresh new designs and product concepts to the market.

We still offer a fully personalised and customisable service across our range. We love designing and creating new products as much as we love happy customers so if you can’t find what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to ask – we are always happy to help!