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Mat Game – Wiggly Words


1 x Game Mat
1 x Die
1 x 20 Second Timer

Required Extras:
Counters / Game Pieces for players.
Pen and Paper for each player

How to play:
Each player puts their counter on the ‘start’ square.
Each player rolls the die and the player who throws the highest number goes first.
Take it in turns to roll the dice.
Write down the letter in the square you land on and then turn the egg timer.
Make as many words as you possibly can with the letters you have before the time runs out.
When the first person gets to the end the game stops.
There are 2 chances to win – the player who reaches the end first and the player with the most words!

Variations of play:
Once the game is over all players can write a short story that includes all of the words that they have made!

Have fun!

Qty: 1
Small: 580mm x 400mm
Large: 1100mm x 730mm

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